Why is the tour at this time of year?

September/ early October sees milder weather for an enjoyable experience

What time do our day trips start?

Around 10.00am

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, we strongly recommend you have travel insurance

Is there any free time?

Yes, the itinerary is designed to be flexible and you are free to join the expeditions or laze around the villa.

Is there air-conditioning in the apartments?


Is there a lot of walking?

Your guide will make sure you have easy access to the sites. Some walking will be necessary.

Is there access to Wi-Fi?


How are the meals provided?

You will eat at fine restaurants or enjoy meals prepared by a classically trained chef at the Villa. Breakfast ingredients are provided so you can cook your own or have it cooked by one of your tour guides. The Villa has a Nespresso coffee making machine.

What will the food be like?

Seasonal, local Italian food

What if I’m vegetarian or require a particular diet?

We can cater for any dietary requirements

What is the dress code?

Comfortable attire with good walking shoes, and a sun hat

Are there laundry facilities?


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